Lagar d'Amprius  2013   Gewürztraminer (Vino de la Tierra del Bajo Aragón)

abv: 13% | Price Tier: $$

This bright lemon-colored wine has a citrusy nose full of pomelo and pink grapefruit. There’s also lemongrass, galangal, anise and sherbet. The firm palate has a pleasant freshness, with good concentration at the core and a touch of tannin that makes this best with food. While the wine’s structure is typical for the variety, the flavors certainly aren’t. Drink through 2016.

Published (6/11/2015)

Company: Lagar d'Amprius

Address: C/Los Enebros 74, 2A, Teruel, 44002

Country: SPAIN

Tel: +34

Web Site: www.ampriuslagar.es

Contact: Ilze Zigele

Contact Email: export@ampriuslagar.es

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