Rosarubra  2012 Triluna   White Blend (Colline Pescaresi)

abv: 14 | Price Tier: $$

This wine has a profound yellow color, with gold inflections. It seems a bit distorted on first sniff, the dull nose smelling of wet dog fur masked with Chanel No 5 nuances. There are pleasant Muscat top notes accompanied by golden raisins, but then the wine turns dry, short and bitter. This is past its prime. Tasted twice, with consistent results.

Published (1/11/2016)

Company: Lacobone Riccardo

Address: Via Cesa, 60, Pietranico , 65020

Country: ITALY

Tel: 39

Web Site: www.rosarubra.t

Contact: De Tullio Beatrice

Contact Email: info@rosarubra.it

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