Florent Descombe  Sauvignon  Sauvignon (Vin de France)

abv: 12% | Price Tier: $

Watery white at the rim, this wine has a daffodil-yellow color at its core. Its nose and palate are fatigued and faded, with a predominate note of an anonymous waxy tone followed by a hint of bruised yellow plum. Though only medium in acidity, this light, even delicate, wine is very dry, with a tugging and fast finish.

Published (2/29/2016)

Company: Vins Descombe

Address: 462 rue du Beaujolais, Saint Etienne Des Oullieres, 69460

Country: FRANCE

Tel: 33

Web Site: www.vins-descombe.com

Contact: Bernard Bouteillon

Contact Email: bernardbouteillon@vins-descombe.com

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