Longview 2015 Whippet  Sauvignon Blanc (Adelaide Hills)

abv: 12.5 | Price Tier: $$

Super pale yellow in color, the pleasant nose of this wine leads with bright, youthful fruit and floral notes. Its generous, juicy core is nuanced with sweet spice, two qualities guaranteeing drinkability. Though this wine has some substance, itís not one to leave around a long time. Enjoy this gulper while it's young, through 2017, then scoop up the next vintage.

Published (2/29/2016)

Company: Longview Vineyard

Address: 154 Pound Rd, Macclesfield, SA, 5153


Tel: 61

Web Site: www.longviewvineyard.com.au

Contact: Peter Saturno

Contact Email: peter@longviewsa.com.au

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