La Trucha 2014   Albariño (Rías Baixas)

abv: 12.5% | Price Tier: $$

This wine is gleaming bright and almost neon yellow in its youthful color. The perky nose is clean and lean, though a bit confected, with a sweet banana overtone. The palate tastes of persimmon and nectarine, and there are also hints of aloe and gingerbread. Broad on the palate, it has just enough tangy acidity and pithy mouthfeel to keep its succulence reined-in without tamping it down. Don’t miss this exuberant wine’s most youthful phase.

Published (5/19/2016)

Company: Notas Frutales de Albariño SLU


Country: SPAIN

Tel: 34

Web Site: www.fincagarabelos.es

Contact: Jose Alonso y Gregorio

Contact Email: info@fincagarabelos.es

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