Caleis 2011   Cabernet Sauvignon (Pays d'Oc)

abv: 13% | Price Tier: $$

Purple-inflected, fuschia-highlighted core. Decidedly black and blue in fruit character, which is exceedingly youthful. The lightly glossy palate texture creates a mouth-coating sensation. Supple tannins and adequate acidity make this a highly quaffable wine, especially with its generous mouthfeel. Not particularly complex, this is an easy-to-enjoy wine that is lovely now through 2014. Drink with rich dishes or barbecue.

Published (8/27/2012)

Company: FDL SA

Address: ZA - Rue Montgolfier, Prahecq, 79230

Country: FRANCE


Web Site: shammouda@fdlois.fr

Contact: Sandrine Hammouda

Contact Email: shammouda@fdlois.fr

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