Vinyes d'Olivardots 2013 Finca Olivardots Vermell  Red Blend (Empordà)

abv: 14.5 | Price Tier: $$

Deep black at the core, with a high-wattage magenta rim, this wine smells grapey and syrupy, with strong undertones of menthol and damp earth. The palate is firm and masculine, with notes of dried meat, cedar and black pepper. There’s also a good dose of Brettanomyces. The acidity is marked and the tannins are dry and dusty. This hearty yet rustic bottling is definitely for the table and not for the faint of palate. The finish and complexity are modest, and the leathery flavors may soon become prominent, so don’t hesitate to pop the cork enjoy by 2018.

Published (5/19/2016)

Company: Vinyes d'Olivardots

Address: Paratge Olivardots s/n, Capmany, Gi, 17750

Country: SPAIN

Tel: 34

Web Site: www.olivardots.com

Contact: Carme Casacuberta Comas

Contact Email: carmecc@olivardots.com

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