Caleis 2011   Merlot (Pays d'Oc)

abv: 13% | Price Tier: $$

Pronounced black core with black cherry rim. Minerals dominate the nose, which is highlighted by black plums, blackberries and black currants. Figs lurk beneath. Pretty fruit purity. Vanilla bean ice cream, French toast and crumble topping accent the wine but donít overtake it. The subtle tannins take a back seat but are an important focal point for the wine. The rather soft acidity also adds structure. Moderate in length, this wine drinks well now to 2015. Enjoy its sapid youthfulness. A quaffer!

Published (8/27/2012)

Company: FDL SA

Address: ZA - Rue Montgolfier, Prahecq, 79230

Country: FRANCE


Web Site: shammouda@fdlois.fr

Contact: Sandrine Hammouda

Contact Email: exports@fdlois.fr

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