Bodegas Xaló 2016 Bahía de Dénia  Moscatel de Alejandría (Alicante-Marina Alta)

abv: 11% | Price Tier: $$

This wine is incredibly pale in color, with a large, watery rim and lots of floral tones. The nose shows an impressive array of aromatics: steeped chamomile tea, tinned peaches and sherbet along with a less fortunate pop of lemon-scented furniture polish. It’s an easygoing wine to consider for an apéritif or liquid dessert. It would also work nicely with a fresh fruit salad, as its sweetness is delicate and well-balanced. Drink now.

Published (4/26/2017)

Company: Bodegas Xaló

Address: Ctra. Xaló-Alcalalí s/n, Xaló, Alicante, 03727

Country: SPAIN

Tel: 34

Web Site: www.bodegasxalo.com

Contact: Fernando Chico

Contact Email: internacional@bodegasxalo.com

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