Domaine de Coussan 2017 Syrah-Grenache  Rosé (Côtes de Thongue)

abv: 12.5% | Price Tier: $$

Like its super pale, ballerina-pink color, this delicate wine exercises restraint in all manners. The palate is more mineral than fruit-driven, and its concentration is as modest as its alcohol. The flavors come across simple, grapy and peachy. Between its sharp dryness and its bitter acidity, this bottling roughs up the palate a bit. Serve highly chilled.

Published (2/28/2018)

Company: SCEA Jacques et Françoise Boyer

Address: 160 avenue de la Gare, Puissalicon, 34480

Country: FRANCE

Tel: 33

Web Site: www.croix-belle.com

Contact: Marion Peuziat

Contact Email: mario.peuziat@croix-belle.com

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