Château de Cayx 2009 La Cigaralle  Chardonnay (Lot)

abv: 12% | Price Tier: $$

Almost intrusively aromatic. There is a delightfully attractive, sweaty phenol note on the nose. The same nose is also strikingly youthful and grapey. In fact, the wine is so primal it smells like fermenting must. The acidity supports the medium body very well, as does the surprisingly strong presence of CO2 on the palate. The finish is fairly long.

Published (8/27/2012)

Company: Château de Cayx

Address: Château de Cayx, Luzech, 46140

Country: FRANCE


Web Site: www.chateau-de-cayx.com

Contact: Guillaume Bardin

Contact Email: office@chateau-de-cayx.com

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