Château Petit-Faurie-Quet 2010 Cuvée Tradition  Merlot-Cabernet Franc (Saint-Émilion)

abv: 12.5% | Price Tier: $$

Near-opaque wine with deep crimson rim. Iron, red earth, cedar and cranberry preserves offer a fairly complex nose. The aromas rest divided between the fresh and the evolved. Moderate body with faint viscosity and surprisingly gentle tannins make this easy-drinking Bordeaux. Though short on the finish, this is a pleasant wine that should be enjoyed fairly early, now through 2015. Probably won’t evolve much.

Published (8/27/2012)

Company: The Wines 88 Carats

Address: 2 Quai General D'Amade, Libourne, 33500

Country: FRANCE


Web Site: www.thewines88carats.com

Contact: Virginie Delanoe

Contact Email:

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