Philip Shaw 2018 The Wirewalker  Pinot Noir (Orange)

abv: 13% | Price Tier: $$

This beet colored red starts with a reticent nose. With vigorous swirling, notes of muddled mulberries and black cherries surface along with fallen autumn leaves and damp earth. The light body and medium alcohol make this easygoing. It is low in tannins but stridently perky in acidity. The concentration is a bit light and the finish is brief. Drink now.

Published (1/31/2020)

Company: Philip Shaw Wines

Address: 100 Shiralee Rd, Orange, NSW, 2800


Tel: 61

Web Site: www.philipshaw.com.au

Contact: Damian Shaw

Contact Email: damian@philipshaw.com.au

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