Domaine F. Jaubert 2002 Or du Temps   Grenache Gris (Rivesaltes)

abv: 17 | Price Tier: $$$

This wine smells of buttered popcorn, hay and persimmon, with a milky undercurrent. There is a delightful sense of freshness as well as a lightly pithy, tannic edge. However, the alcohol powers through on the finish, making this clumsy and a bit heavy. Drink now.

Published (2/6/2020)

Company: Domaine F. Jaubert

Address: 3 Rue De La Tramontane, Ponteilla, 66300

Country: FRANCE


Web Site: www.fjaubert.fr

Contact: Francois Jaubert

Contact Email: francois.jaubert@outlook.fr

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