Château Grand Chêne 2018 Fer-hic  Malbec (Cahors)

abv: 14.5% | Price Tier: $$

This bold wine shows a feral, even bloody, tinge. The fruit is also not entirely clean. The palate challenges the sense with near-vicious tannins and cutting acidity. Chocolate tones seem to try to add a pleasant veneer on the rustic winemaking, but the wine is what it is. It is short, simple and crude. abv: 14.5%

Published (3/16/2021)

Company: Earl Château le Brézéguet / Château Grand Chêne

Address: Les Ons, Bélaye, 46140

Country: FRANCE

Tel: 33

Web Site: www.châteaulebrezeguet.fr

Contact: Longueteau Christophe

Contact Email: chateaulebrezeguet@orange.fr

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