Domaine de Gayssou 2018    Syrah-Grenache (Comté Tolosan)

abv: 15% | Price Tier: $

Black as midnight, this charismatic wine’s aromas leap out of the glass. Vehemently youthful, it smells of primary fermentation aromas and cola. The palate follows in the same genre, adding a thick coating to the palate—so thick that the wine feels as if it is sticking to the palate like a grippy adhesive. The acidity is relaxed, the alcohol is noticeable and the finish is short. The palate flavors offer roasted fruit notes and a balsamic edge. Drink now.

Published (3/16/2021)

Company: Gaec Causse et Fils / Domaine de Gayssou

Address: Gayssou, Broze, 81600

Country: FRANCE

Tel: 33

Web Site: www.domainedegayssou.fr

Contact: Nathalie Causse

Contact Email: gayssou.broze@gmail.com

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