St Mary's 2016 Bells and Whistles  Shiraz (Limestone Coast)

abv: 14.5 | Price Tier: $$

This wine is markedly evolved on the nose and palate. There are generous, heady balsamic and dried fruit notes notes on both. The body is full and expansive with intense and evidently evolving fruit character. The glycerol-laden structure is nicely framed by lightly tugging tannins, but the acidity tastes slightly sour. It seems the framework is starting to give way. The moderate finish is dense with a milk chocolate flavor. Drink now.

Published (1/27/2022)

Company: St Mary's Wines

Address: 563 V & A Lane , Maaoupe, SA, 5277., PENOLA, South Australia, 5277


Tel: 61

Web Site: www.stmaryswines.com

Contact: Ian Mulligan

Contact Email: stmaryswines@bigpond.com

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