DELTA DOMAINES 2022 Terres Noires  Sauvignon Blanc (Pays d'Oc)

abv: 12.5 | Price Tier: $$

This ripe, fruit-forward, Sauvignon Blanc is more reserved on the palate than candied notes on the nose otherwise suggest. An aromatic nose evokes green pear, starfruit, white peach and lemon zest, with hints of dried hay and pineapple. Stoniness in the midpalate balances out the fruit and brings cohesiveness to the overall taste.

Published (2/2/2023)

Company: SICA SARL

Address: 1073 Chemin de Montblanc, VIAS, 34450

Country: FRANCE

Tel: 33675648980

Web Site: www.delta-domaines,com

Contact: Rémi SABATIER

Contact Email: sabatierr@delta-domaines.com

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