Redbank Wines 2019   Chardonnay (King Valley)

abv: 12.0% | Price Tier: $$

Deep yellow in color, this also shows some mature aromatics of buttered, toasted biscuit and aged, hard cheese. There is also an appealing sniff of dried herbs that adds intrigue. Pomelo, guava and papaya come through on the nose as the wine sits in the glass. Smooth and lean on the palate with a pleasantly cutting dryness, the wine doesn't linger long on the palate. But, the complexity is compelling, the fruit is super clean and there is an appealing savory element.

Published (3/16/2023)

Company: Redbank Wines

Address: 1597 Snow Rd, Milawa, Victoria, 3678


Tel: 61408143577

Web Site:

Contact: Scott Burton

Contact Email: scottburton@bullerwines.com.au

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