High Country 2021   Cabernet Sauvignon (King Valley)

abv: 14 | Price Tier: $$

Glossy black in color, this wine has an exotic nose of black cherry liqueur, cherry cough , licorice and damp tree bark. Firmly structured, the palate offers chunky, somewhat quince-like tannins. The alcohol is pungently high, while the acidity feels a bit nervous and high-pitched on the backpalate. It's a little disjointed and forced, with a fairly quick finish. This wine is ambitiously made but just isn't harmonious.

Published (3/17/2023)

Company: Gapsted Estate

Address: 3897 Great Alpine Road, Gapsted, Victoria, 3737


Tel: 61422346662

Web Site: www.gapstedwines.com.au/

Contact: Louise Vogt

Contact Email: louise@gapstedwines.com.au

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