Beyond the Glass 2022 Ginger  White Blend (Riverland)

abv: 12.4 | Price Tier: $$$

Ginger, saffron, orange rind and orange blossom define this wine on the nose—especially ginger, as the name suggests. Those notes are mirrored on the palate with additional aspects of honey, yellow apple and meade. Metaphorically, there is a “gingerly” casualness with which the wine is harnessing some beer characteristics—an almost a yeasty, Hefeweise-like flavor married with green tea. This is a wine that could really appeal to natural wine lovers. Drink now.

Published (12/1/2023)

Company: Beyond the Glass

Address: 34 Bayswater Rd, Kensington, Vic, 3031


Tel: 0425801405

Web Site: beyondtheglass.au

Contact: Ciaran Hudson

Contact Email: contact@beyondtheglass.com.au

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