Cantina del Dolcetto di Dogliani 2011 Dolianum San Maté  Dolcetto (Dogliani)

abv: 13% | Price Tier: $

From color to palate to flavor, this wine is all Dogliani should be expected to be. It is saturated in color, forward in fruit and highly structured. The aromas and flavors range from savory spice to black mission fig and prune—very ripe but definitely bewitching. Though only 13%, the body seems full, perhaps because the acidity is only moderate. Structuring tannins keep the palate in line and help carry the flavors into the lingering finish. This is a good wine for American palates desiring a bigger wine style.

Published (5/22/2013)

Company: Cantina del Dolcetto di Dogliani

Address: Via Torino 58, Dogliani, CN, 12063

Country: ITALY


Web Site: www.cantinadolcettodogliani.it

Contact: Isoardi Paola

Contact Email: enologo.commerciale@cantinadolcettodogliani.it

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