Domaine du Petit Malherbes 2008 Cuvée M  Cabernet Sauvignon (Pays d'Oc)

abv: 13 | Price Tier: $$$

A nearly opaque red color with black inflections. The aromatic nose features blackberry, lamb and violets, while the wine’s minerality comes out on the palate. Surprising acidity is refreshing but slightly disjointed. Tannins are foursquare and firm, and the finish is short. There’s no evident oak, very little viscosity and reasonable alcohol levels. This is a wine for consuming now with food.

Published (7/1/2012)

Company: Domaine du Petit Malherbes

Address: Route des Plages, Aimargues, 30470

Country: FRANCE


Web Site: www.petit-malherbes.fr

Contact: Gregoire Buiatti

Contact Email:

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