Sassi 2012 San Cristoforo  Dolcetto (Dolcetto d'Alba)

abv: 12.5% | Price Tier: $$

Dense with primary color, this wine also shows a light, youthful fizz. Bramble, blackberry and loganberry cover the nose. The palate adds rosemary and licorice. While the palate shows decent concentration, the flavors are bigger in flash than in finish in the end, the wine is simple though fun. The structure is medium all-around—from body to acidity to tannin to finish. Tasty now but won’t age to benefit, so drink up!

Published (5/22/2013)

Company: Cascina San Cristoforo

Address: Via Pastura 10, Neive, CN, 12057

Country: ITALY


Web Site: sassiwines.blogspot.com

Contact: Davide Carniel

Contact Email:

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