SAS Alignan du Vent Cépages 2021 1936  Sauvignon Blanc (Côtes de Thongue)

abv: 13 | Price Tier: $

Built like a brick house, this wine has structure and presence that can’t be ignored. Underripe Anjou pear and herbs come through on palate, with sprinklings of chervil, eucalyptus, tarragon and parsley. Menthol dominates the finish and the freshness of acidity is surprisingly prominent. The texture is creamy and viscous, but balanced, and the wine evolves as it opens up.

Published (1/30/2024)

Company: SAS Alignan du Vent Cépages

Address: 27 Rue de la Guissaume, Alignan du Vent, 34290

Country: FRANCE

Tel: 33 6 65 42 93 26

Web Site: www.cavecooperative.com

Contact: Sandrina Hugeux Garrigue

Contact Email: shugeux@cavecooperative.com

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