Bonifacio 2011   Freisa (Langhe)

abv: 13% | Price Tier: $$

Big and purple in color, the wine seems to promise youth from its appearance, and it delivers. The nose shows roasted black plums, fresh mulberries and handfuls of exotic spice along with floral top notes. The body vaguely pops with bubbles natural and residual CO2 from the fermentation, which might surprise unsuspecting consumers. For those expecting that style, this is a delightfully typical Freisa. The finish persists a bit with that exuberance of violets and bramble that characterizes the variety. There’s no need to wait—drink up over the next few years.

Published (5/22/2013)

Company: Bonifacio Società Agricola a R.L.

Address: Via Torino, 83, Barbaresco, Cuneo, 12050

Country: ITALY


Web Site: www.bonifaciovini.it

Contact: Sabino Iandiorio

Contact Email: info@bonifaciovini.com

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