Tre Secoli 2011 Sangallo  Sauvignon Blanc (Piedmont)

abv: 13% | Price Tier: $$

Deep yellow in color, this wine looks a bit older than it actually is. However, the other elements of the wine remain youthful. The nose is typical for Sauvignon Blanc, with massive amounts of citrus fruits and lemon curd. Touches of fresh herbs and blanched almonds also show through, and a hint of marzipan adds richness to the palate. The lingering finish is full of lemon zest. This is a tasty wine with a pleasing, medium-weight palate, refreshing acidity and nice complexity.

Published (5/22/2013)

Company: Tre Secoli S.c.a.

Address: Via Stazione n 15, Mombaruzzo, 14046

Country: ITALY


Web Site: www.tresecoli.com

Contact: Elio Pescarmona

Contact Email: e.pescarmona@tresecoli.com

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