Gianluca Poggio 2012   Moscato (Moscato d'Asti)

abv: 5.5% | Price Tier: $$

Pale yellow-green in color with medium-sized, foam-like bubbles. The nose shows some matchstick notes of sulphur, keeping the fruit notes restrained while popping mineral top notes. Still, the fruit is clean, and Moscato’s delightful floral and fruit-salad notes come through loud and clear on the palate. The mousse is distractingly foamy, the body is quite light and the finish is decidedly short.

Published (5/22/2013)

Company: Azienda Agricola Gianluca Poggio

Address: Gallasia 29, Castel Boglione, Asti, 14040

Country: ITALY


Web Site:

Contact: Matteo Poggio

Contact Email: poggio.matteo@libero.it

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