Francone 2009   Nebbiolo (Barolo)

abv: 14% | Price Tier: $$$

Deep maroon color with mahogany highlights and aromas of fallen leaves, this wine is showing lovely evolution. The layers of complexity begin with the nose and finish with the lingering aftertaste. Mulberries and quince paste lead the fruit-driven notes, while leather and tobacco pull in behind. The palate is pleasantly feisty with lightly tugging tannins and bright acidity. Clean, typical and compelling, this is Barolo through and through, though it is quite ripe.

Published (5/22/2013)

Company: Francone s.a.s. di Francone Fabrizio e C.

Address: Via Tanaro, 45, Neive, CN, 12052

Country: ITALY


Web Site: www.franconevini.com

Contact: Fabrizio Francone

Contact Email: francone@franconevini.com

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