Robert 2010 Brut  Sparkling Blend (Crémant de Limoux)

abv: 12% | Price Tier: $$

This wine is a very pale straw color that fizzes with tiny bubbles. Calvados, pine, anise and pluout mark the nose. The wine is very sweet on the attack, but the intense, small bubbles provide perceived acidic relief. There is an aspirin-vitamin quality to the palate that is hard to get used to, although the fruit can be classifed as delightfully ripe summer peach. Light bodied with a medium-length finish, this wine has potential.

Published (9/3/2013)

Company: Robert GFA

Address: Domaine de Fourn, Pieusse, 11300

Country: FRANCE


Web Site: www.robert-blanquette.com

Contact: Robert Bernard

Contact Email: robert.blanquette@wanadoo.fr

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