Très Vin NV Rosé  Shiraz-Grenache (Vin de France)

abv: 12% | Price Tier: $

This wine is a ruddy salmon color. The nose is lightly evolved with inflections of crushed leaves and earth. The attack is lightly sweet. This is well balanced by somewhat soft acidity and faint tannins. Served well chilled, the sweetness might not be noticed. Strawberries, watermelon and cinnamon fill the medium-bodied palate. This wine is ready to be drunk now, but if demonstrative of the winery’s style in general, it is a wine that is sure to have wide appeal in the USA market. Drink 2013–early 2014.

Published (9/3/2013)

Company: Très Vin

Address: ZI la Rivière , Rue Gustave Eiffel, Léognan, 33850

Country: FRANCE


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Contact: Delphine Marnot

Contact Email: delphine.marnot@trixaim.fr

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