Domaine Mouniť 2013 Vin Doux Naturel  Muscat (Muscat de Rivesaltes)

abv: 15.5% | Price Tier: $$

Flushed with bright lemon color, this wine is equally vibrant on the nose. It does, however, smell of lemon furniture polish. The attack is clearly sweet and delightfully Muscat-like. Mouthcoating and generous in weight, the body has just enough acidity stay balanced before the quick finish. A fun wine, itís meant to be drunk in its youth, on its own or with fruit-driven desserts. Drink through mid-2015.

Published (3/27/2014)

Company: Domaine Mounie

Address: 1 Av du Verdouble, TAUTAVEL, 66720

Country: FRANCE

Tel: +33640422826

Web Site:

Contact: Yonesse LAHBARI

Contact Email: lahbari.yonesse@wanadoo.fr

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