Cathare 2012 Consolament par Franck Schisano  Mauzac (Limoux)

abv: 12.5% | Price Tier: $$

This fairly deep, yellow-colored wine has more age on the nose than would be expected. Itís earthy and mushroomy, with leesy and buttery nuances of barrel fermentation and aging. While the nose is rather compelling, the palate is quite flat. The medium-plus body offers moderate acidity that canít quite keep up with the rest of its attributes. The medium-length finish suggests the fruit is solid, so perhaps picking earlier is the key here. Thereís clearly money to spend on new oak, but itís best not to stay true to the fruit the vine gives. Drink now through 2016.

Published (2/19/2015)

Company: Domaine Cathare

Address: Avenue du Bťal , Saint-Hilaire, 11250

Country: FRANCE

Tel: 336 10 63 41 46

Web Site: wwww.cathare.tm.fr

Contact: Franck Schisano

Contact Email: franck.schisano@orange.fr

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