Dominio de la Vega 2012 Paraje Tornel Doce Meses en Barrica  Bobal (Utiel-Requena)

abv: 14 | Price Tier: $$

Jet black at the core, with a miniscule, purple-highlighted rim, this wine displays oodles of sweet baking spice and milk chocolate on the nose. The mouthfeel is curvy, with sweet-spot tannins coating and caressing the palate. Its generous but far from pronounced acidity carries the flavors of forest berries, licorice, game and hard-stemmed herbs into the medium-length finish. There’s a lot going for this wine, but it is hard to look past its slightly awkward rusticity that is being covered up with overt oak influences.

Published (6/11/2015)

Company: Dominio de la Vega

Address: Carretera Madrid-Valencia, km 270, San Antonio - Requena, Selec, 46390

Country: SPAIN

Tel: 34

Web Site: www.dominiodelavega.com

Contact: Eva Pardines

Contact Email: eva@dominiodelavega.com

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