[Through the Importer Connection Program] I discover new wines, new producers and new regions..especially the [regions] that are not well recognized in the American Market.
— Danielle Liagi | Buyer | Emporium Nostrum Inc.
Super event - professionally organized - excellent wines overall. Thank you again and looking forward to future events.
— Frank McDonald | Importer | F.B. McDonald Imports, Inc.
I really thought that the ratings provided for each wine ahead of time were extremely helpful. It's a built-in marketing tool should a relationship be fostered, and it let me vet the wines ahead of time as to what was attractive.
— Chris Zanzarella | Buyer | Opici Wines
I was pleasantly surprised at the level of quality that these producers are achieving. There were a lot of high end wines of quality, but many affordable wines as well.
— Todd Allen | Buyer | 4Front Imports
I've found some amazing wines and very pleasant producers.
— Michael Gelven | Buyer | The Wine Makers Guild / Wine Pirates.
The ratings are a very important thing that the producers need to take more into consideration because it helps the American market to start trusting the wineries...I'm currently working with around 10 producers [from the Importer Connection program] so it's been very productive for me...
— Jorge Mendez | Buyer | DM Vineyards & Partners
Everything we have tasted today has been of very good quality and very marketable.
— Stephenie Harris | Buyer | Lexington Selections
Typically, I will take 5 or 6 days to search 15 Wineries. Today, just since 9 am, I've already visited 15 to 16 wineries. I am delighted to say that we have agreed to be USA representatives of a winery we met through this event. Many thanks!
— Tunch Doker | Buyer | Turquoise Life
There are a couple of wineries that we are very interested in importing, hopefully they are equally as excited as I am.
— Glenn Albright | Buyer | International Spirits & Wines
This event is put together by professionals, who know what they're doing. Doesn't always happen that way.
— Mike McFadzen | Buyer | Alpha Dog Wines
Quality of wines and the Producers were outstanding...I have come to expect that from attending. We have, as a company, been able expand our portfolio as a result of these events...
— Rick Musica | Buyer | World of Wine Guide Imports
This was one of the best run and organized events I have ever attended in my professional experience. I have been in this business for over 40 years.
— Joseph Sparacia | Buyer | Fine Wine Marketing
Wanted to thank you for the wonderful and very efficient and effective event - We are purchasing >500 cases as an immediate result of your event. There will be more results in future as we are working with several suppliers we met at the event.
— Mikhail Polienco | Buyer | United Stars
We are currently working with four producers from the Italian event...Time will tell which of these wines will be sustainable in the US market for the long-term, but needless to say we are very pleased with the results thus far and the opportunity afforded by the Importer Connection platform.
— Mike Votto | Buyer | Votto Vines

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