By participating in this exhibition we had the opportunity to meet in one place and in one day many potential buyers, who could already have an idea of the rating of our wines. We had a very good rating for one of our products (best rating overall) which has helped us tremendously to start serious talks with an importer. A few months later we made a deal and we are now imported in the USA. It was our first time in the USA; this event has clearly been a success and I would encourage any newcomer to the US market to participate to it!
— Stephane Kandler | Producer | Château Tourril
We are very happy with the ratings we have obtained through the Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection program. These ratings are drawing a lot of interest in our wines, not only in the US market, but also in Canada and Europe! This is more than satisfying.
— Carmen Fernandez | Navarro Lopez Family Wineries
I've made 3 connections today, maybe more, and that's really great for me.
— Valentina Cavagna | Producer | Château de Manissy
We just appointed the importer Park Street Imports from Florida, who also distributes in NY and CA.
— Cedric Segal | Producer | Fabulous Brands
...Without events like this, I would be going door to door, state to state and we don't have a budget to do that, so we really need events that bring those kinds of importers together where we can show them what we do in this kind of a setting. I also really appreciate the more relaxed environment. We go to a lot of professional tastings and sometimes the stuffiness gets in the way of what you're really here for which is trying to match good wines with people who can sell them and show them around the country in that kind of setting. At the end of the day it's food and wine that we deal with and it should be enjoyable.
— Patrick Webb | Producer | Canals Nadal, S.L.
We were definitely happy to receive such scores considering that we are quite a young winery.
— Nicola Tucci | Producer | Pago de Los Olivos, S.L.
We are quite satisfied about the scoring system. We are really grateful to Wine Enthusiast [Importer Connection] for having given us this score...I think especially in the American market, people are really looking for the scores...it will be important for the Importers and for us to start to build our business in the American market.
— Jade Veyssiere | Producer | Bodegas Romero de Ávila Salcedo
It always helps to have a rating...you have price, you have quality, you have the packaging...it's another tool the consumer has to choose a wine.
— Sergio Pereletegui | Producer | Vinto Wines, S.L.
We only make 30,000 bottles a year so for us it's a great opportunity to have [your wines rated] so the importers know what they can expect from you.
— Brais Iglesias | Producer | Notas Frutas de Albarino, S.L.U
The score assigned to me by Wine Enthusiast has allowed me to do a great sales contract with a US Importer.
— Giovanni Ferrero | Producer | Azienda Agricola Ferrero di Fabrizio Ferrero
We are doing great in NY, NJ, CT and the Midwest. We are now looking to develop new importers in Texas, California and Florida.
— Stephane Rouveyrol | Producer | Producta Vignobles

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