"Route USA" Arrives at ProWein 2016

Wines From Spain

In 2016, Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection partnered with ProWein to create a new exporting support program. Producers seeking U.S. importers were able to sign up for Route USA and incorporate special signage into their booth making them easily identifiable to U.S. importers as they walked the show.

Additionally, non-imported wines were submitted to the Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection program in advance of the show and received a rating and review for use in marketing materials & event meetings.

Taking part in Route USA at ProWein is free of charge. By signing up, producers received:

  • Exclusive signage to print and use at their booth to indicate their interest in entering the U.S. market.
  • Exposure on the ProWein website via a dedicated link to Route USA, listing the names and booth numbers of all participating exhibitors
  • Promotion of the Route USA program to U.S. buyers via all ProWein advertising campaigns in the US market
  • Opportunity to receive a rating and review by the Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection program for any non-imported wines
  • Publication in the Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection Newsletter and in the Wine Enthusiast Importer Connection Database for all non-imported wines that receive a score of 80 points or higher

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